Why We Sell So CHEAP

     We make magazine subscriptions available to inmates of correctional facilities at the lowest possible cost! Why? Well, we know what finances are like for inmates.

     You see, a key employee of our company was recently released after spending six years in a state prison. As an inmate he worked a prison job that would pay $8.00 an hour, or more, on the street, yet he was paid only forty cents an hour! That means he worked 20 hours to pay for what one hour of work on the street would buy.

     We understand that inmates enjoy receiving magazines. But we figured out that for an inmate to order a subscription to a magazine like “MEN’S FITNESS” or “MEN’S JOURNAL” for example – which both sell normally for $15.00 to $20.00 a year – he would have to work about 38 hours in prison to pay for it. That would be like someone on the street who earns $8.00 an hour, paying $300.00 for the same subscription!

     So, as a service to inmates everywhere, we’ve created a special selection list where inmates can order magazine subscriptions at the lowest cost possible! A subscription to “MEN’S FITNESS” or “MEN’S JOURNAL,” for example, is available to inmates through our company for only $4.95! That’s not for each issue, but $4.95 is your cost for 12 issues – a whole year’s subscription! Not all of our discounts are that large, but they’re all at the lowest rate we can offer you.

Inmate Subscription Challenges & Concerns

     Unfortunately, it’s a sad fact in the publishing industry that magazines sent to inmates of correctional facilities frequently get lost somewhere between the publisher and your cell. However, if you notify the publisher when this happens they will often extend your subscription to make up for the missing issues.

     But even if they don’t, you might consider that our special low inmate rate makes up for any issues that may fail to arrive.

* * *  N-O-T-I-C-E  * * *

     Our subscription service is a “bare-bones” service. Our responsibility is to process your subscription for the publisher and make sure the first issue arrives. Offering magazines at the lowest cost possible leaves no money available to pay someone in our office to service your account after you’ve received the first issue. For address changes, missing issues, or other service problems you will need to deal directly with the publisher.

* *  NO REFUNDS  * *

     Please BE SURE that the magazines you order are allowed in your facility, before you order them.

     Please BE SURE that the magazines you order are the ones you really want, before you order them.

Once you order the magazines . . .


. . . even if the prison rejects your issues.

Once you've bought the magazines, they're yours!

After your first issues arrive, if you miss any issues or want to change your address, you must contact the publisher directly at the address inside their magazine.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Inmates


American Magazines Service, I have been using your competitor, Delta Publishing, for over fifteen years. But your prices on Autoweek are better than theirs, so I am giving your company a try. I ordered Cycle World not long ago from y'all and the service was good and I got my first issue in a short time. All this is GOOD!! So I'm renewing my Autoweek subscription from y'all before it expires. Also I'm ordering Hot Rod. I would've ordered it sooner, but unfortunately my funds are limited here in prison, so I'm sure you understand. [do we ever! Been there, Done that!] Sincerely & Respectfully,

Charles W. - Beaumont, TX

I recently ordered from AMS. I'm impressed with your professionalism.

Orlando S. - Tenn Colony, TX

AMS, My Hot Rod showed right up, but Cycle World had some kind of trouble starting. My cousin called your toll-free number to let you know and you got the problem fixed. My Cycle World showed up pretty quick. Thanks! That's more than I can say for Delta Publishing who's had my money now for a year & three months and I still haven't received my Rolling Stone yet! Thanks for your services. Sincerely & Respectfully,

Charlie C. - Beaumont, TX

You guys have the best service and prices I've seen Thank you and keep up the good work.

Michael P. - Salem, OR